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UPDATE: 4/30/18

Headed in for a splenectomy on Thursday. This should relieve the platelet issue we've been dealing with and get us back on treatment soon! Full update here:



Hi Everyone,

My twin brother, Ian, for the last 26 months has been fighting a very difficult battle against stage IV colon cancer. He has gone through 20+ cycles of chemo treatment, as well as undergone major surgery in his colon and liver to successfully remove growths. On top of that he has been fighting the disease hard on his own through other natural supplements and a completely revamped diet. It is still a long process ahead, but I can't think of anyone more equipped mentally. What I see from Ian is a type of focus and determination that is beyond remarkable, yet unsurprising. Anyone who has gotten the chance to know him even a little will tell you how clear of a mind and strong of a will he has. Ian's background as a long-distance runner and soccer player has brought out his competitive nature and has given him great motivation when he needs it most.

His wife Allyson has also been a tremendous source of strength and support, providing Ian the kind of uncompromising love exactly needed to lift spirits and push through tough times like these. They have been by each other’s side for over 15 years and have shared so many wonderful experiences together. The two are now raising a whip-smart little girl, Nora, who like her folks, is already quite the fun and independent thinker.

Obviously with this type of treatment, and with Ian out from work for the time being, added financial costs are a reality. To help minimize the burden on their family, a few close friends we've known since childhood organized a day long event/benefit for Ian at MadeWest Brewery. We were blown away by the outpouring of support from the community.

Thank you, and much love from all the Campbells,


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