Brock Crouch

Name: Brock Crouch

Location: Mammoth/Carlsbad CA

Job: Snow/Surf

Fondest Memory: Everytime I go on a surf trip in a poor country with my family and see how lucky I really have it

Soundtrack: I like all kinds of music

Retreat: Mtns or Ocean

Wildest Dream: Olympics for snowboarding, surf the world and film it

Proudest Moment: Everytime a company who believes in me and supports my dream. I could not do what I do without them, or my family and most of all a God who blesses me with all I have

Biggest Challenge: Learning a new trick then perfecting it without an injury

Perfect Day: A bluebird pow day with just my friends or a barrel on a good swell with sun and offshore winds with just my friends

Last Purchase: Step up for hawaii

Movie: Kerzy

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I beleive everyone needs a fair chance at life. Being apart of this special group can let me help with those who don't have it so fair.