Dax McGill

Name: Dax McGill

Location: North Shore of Oahu

Job: High School Student and Surfer

Fondest Memory: Catching my first wave by myself! Hanalei Bay 2006.

Soundtrack: I don't have a favorite - but I like Lana Del Ray a lot.

Retreat: the skatepark!

Wildest Dream: To make the WCT, travel the world and win a world title...that would be awesome.

Proudest Moment: I guess being the youngest to win the ISA U18 world title last year.

Biggest Challenge: Probably myself. I'm learning to chill...

Perfect Day: wake up - banzai bowl, surf, skate, dive, no school, hang with friends.

Last Purchase: hand sanitizer in the airport:)

Movie: Now You See Me

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because I was once in the Hospital for a little over a week. I knew I was going to be fine and go home healthy. But I saw a bunch of kids in there that weren't going to be able to get back to normal life anytime soon. It hit me pretty hard.