Eithan Osborne

Name: Eithan Osborne

Location: Ventura

Fondest Memory: My first surf trip to Nicaragua.

Soundtrack: Cage the Elephant

Retreat: Hiking & Fishing

Wildest Dream: Winning the WCT World Title.

Proudest Moment: Helping some of the kids at the beach on my last trip to Mexico. I got to push them into waves, it felt good to help out and give back.

Biggest Challenge: Doing homework on time!

Perfect Day: Surf all day with friends, it doesn't matter where! There just has to be barrels, air sections and turns!!!

Last Purchase: Kendama

Movie: Django

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I know now that it feels right to help and give to others so I want to do more of that. What this foundation does is awesome. Raising money and helping families in need is so important. I have no idea what dealing with cancer must be like, it must be so hard. I am so happy to help in any way possible. Stoked to be apart of The Young and Brave!!!