Finn McGill

Name: Finn McGill

Location: North Shore of Oahu

Job: Surfer, Skater, Student

Fondest Memory: Definitely my first wave that I caught by myself.

Soundtrack: Lately I've been listening to the Blasters

Retreat: Mi Casa

Wildest Dream: I would love to be able to fly. Finnair.

Proudest Moment: Probably my National Titles when it comes to surfing.

Biggest Challenge: I'm blessed to not have the challenges that some of these kids face.

Perfect Day: Definitely wake up, 2 surfs at great waves, a skate session, and dinner with my family.

Last Purchase: Booties! My mom and I went surfing up north and we were freezing.

Movie: Animal House!

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because Im lucky enough to be able to help a kid feel better - even if it's just for an hour.