Jake Kelley

Name: Jake Kelley

Location: Newbury Park, CA

Fondest Memory: I have too many great memories to put one as my favorite but, any fun times spent with my friends and family are great memories for me.

Retreat: The ocean

Wildest Dream: My wildest dream or wish is that my sister no longer had her illness and that she never had seizures again!

Biggest Challenge: Trying to be the best person I can be everyday, no matter what it is I am doing.

Perfect Day: A day spent with all my friends and family at the beach, surfing the best waves I have ever surfed all day, having a great time, that is my perfect day.

Last Purchase: Food

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I think that the things that the young and brave foundation are doing for the cancer community are amazing for everyone involved and the founders of the young and the brave are two of the nicest people I know!