Sage Michele Erickson

Name: Sage Michele Erickson

Location: Ventura California

Job: Professional surfer

Fondest Memory: My fondest memory is constantly being added too, being able to travel the world, visit so many different countries and meet the people i have is one of the greatest gifts of life ive ever received!

Soundtrack: Haim, Matt Corby, Ben Howard, Katy Perry

Retreat: Palermo coffee shop/Natures grill.

Wildest Dream: That my life would be the sweetest fairytale ever told.

Proudest Moment: Winning two 6* star WQS events back to back in 2012 then going on the win the entire series.

Biggest Challenge: My own head.

Perfect Day: Wake up at 545, coffee shop from 6-7, check the waves and surf with all my friends around home. We all go to breakfast after i take a 45 minute power nap then surf again and go to the gym. Make dinner at home and watch Criminal minds till i fall asleep.

Last Purchase: Almond butter!

Movie: liar Liar/Happy Gilmore

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I love everything they stand for! Many of us face battles that could seem unbearable yet the love and support of one person changes the whole perspective of whatever the healing/fighting process may look like! One simple gesture goes further than anything we could ever imagine it doing. The Young and the Brave foundation displays that hope that others need so desperately! They give people a platform to support others, to give back and be there for someone else, and that my friends is what this LIFE is really about! So thank you the Young and Brave for doing just that!