Timmy Curran

Name: Timmy Curran

Location: VTA

Job: Professional Surfer, Musician, Wildlife seeker, Deadwood Construction

Fondest Memory: Meeting my wife for the first time when I was about 19.

Soundtrack: Welcome to the cruel world/Ben Harper

Retreat: Ocean

Wildest Dream: Wish-To be a GOD fearing/loving great husband and dad:)

Proudest Moment: 2 moments... When Lily was born & when Ollie was born.

Biggest Challenge: Getting flexible enough so I can touch my feet...

Perfect Day: Hot beach day with the family and friends. Lunch and dinner on the beach, no fog and warm water!

Last Purchase: Sweatshirt from Wetsand Surf Shop

Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I believe they have a simple and focused plan on helping kids with cancer.