Tyler Gunter

Name: Tyler Gunter

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Job: surfer

Fondest Memory: It was Christmas morning, for my last present I had to find it, after reading my last clue I looked in the jacuzzi and found my first ever brand new surfboard!

Soundtrack: mgmt

Retreat: the ocean

Wildest Dream: it would be to go on a boat trip to undo with all of my closest friends.

Proudest Moment: when i won the 2011 NSSA nationals for the open mini groms

Biggest Challenge: My life has had its challenges but i do not have one that stands out at this time.

Perfect Day: My perfect day, I would wake up go surfing in perfect waves with all of my good friends. After that we would all go eat at al cap and get bagels. Then we would go skate at a really fun skate park. Then I would go for another surf session and surf in really fun beach break barrels and surf til it got dark. That be my perfect day.

Last Purchase: A new skate deck

Movie: Bad grandpa

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because i love the idea of being able to support and help kids fulfill their dreams, as i have been so blessed to be able to go into the ocean everyday and do the sport that i love.