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This is Jacob! As you can see from this picture, Jacobs smile lights up every room and brings hope to his situation. Jacob is only 22 months old and in April was suddenly diagnosed with Medullablastoma stage 4. Since then, Jacob has been a brave and strong boy battling chemo treatments and hospital stays which means being away from his 2 big brothers, Noah and Matthew, who are bouncing back and forth with family members so mom can stay with him. It’s been extremely hard on his family but they have all tried so hard to stay strong and not give up faith. Jacob continues to be just as strong and smiles through it all.

**Update: Jacob is doing Great thanks to all of you! He has just completed his 9 month MRI scan and we are happy to say he is Cancer Free. His images are great and have no sign of new tumors. His hair has grown back as you can see and his smile continues to shine bright. He has started to walk again and physically been trying so hard to keep up with his older brothers. His speech is improving and he just celebrated his 3rd birthday which we are so blessed for because in the beginning of this treatment, we didn’t think he would come this far. We appreciate all of the continued Prayers and Donations, as we continue to try to rebuild our new normal in our home with our family as this holiday season approaches. Last year we spent the holidays in patient and we are so blessed we will get to spend it together at home. Again, Thank you all for your continued support and we Love you all!

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