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Hi my name is Maysun and I’m 17 years old. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with a Pilocytic astrocytoma, brain stem brain tumor. Since then I’ve gone through three surgeries and fifteen months of chemotherapy, none of which shrunk my tumor. That being said, I am living my life to the fullest extent and doing well, all things considered. I have additional struggles due to various other genetic conditions that I was officially diagnosed with last month, after years of struggling with symptoms. I have an office diagnosis of a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehelers Danlos Symdrone and a condition that effects my autonomic nervous system, which controls everything that should be automatic in my body. I struggle with chronic joint pain and weakness, dizzy spells, migraines, fuzzy vision, ringing in my ears and more. I also suffer from an anxiety disorder, partially due to all the medical challenges I’ve faced. Despite it all, I still enjoy being outside, gardening, art, yoga, meditating, being an aunt to my two year old niece and spending as much quality time with the people I love as much as possible. My goal right now to help improve my quality of life is to get a service dog that can help me in my day to day activities.

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