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Hey guys my name is Rob Robinson and I am 26 years old. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer June 1st 2018. I had been dealing with abdominal pain / bloody stools for over a year, I had a starting job with no insurance, and no money to go to the hospital so I just dealt with it. Eventually it became unbearable and I went to the emergency room with my mom and my brother, my life was forever changed that day. After many tests and scans the doctor came back to my room and told my family that i had a very large mass in my colon, and multiple masses in my liver. We were all crushed, i did my best to hold the tears in but when my mom and bro started crying the flood gates opened for me as well. I have a moderately differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma. I have lynch syndrome, Kras mutation, and I'm MSI-H. I had a colon resection and a splenectomy, both were successful and the cancer has not returned to my colon, but I still have multiple (5+) tumors in my liver. I have done three treatments of 5-FU and my first scan after that showed liver progression. Since then i have switched to Immunotherapy ( Keytruda ). I am on treatment #31 of Keytruda, I'm very thankful I have this as an option but it does not come without side effects. My breathing has really declined since i started the treatments, i battle fatigue daily and nausea often, but it's nothing I can't handle! I recently had a PET scan and my tumors aren't lighting up, but unfortunately they are still around just maybe not as active. i have been pushing for a resection because the tumors shrunk a little, but based on where the tumors are located(one big one by my portal vein) it may not be possible, we also discussed possible ablative techniques. I am considered incurable, and I most likely will be on immunotherapy or some form of treatment for the rest of my life. I know miracles happen and I'm hopeful that one day in the future cancer will be but a memory. I am currently receiving disability, and i am really struggling with money, recently my girlfriend Julie and I have had somewhat unexpected repairs and we had to pay money we really didn't have. We were able to pay half of the repair cost, and we are still working towards the other half and time is limited. My medical may no longer cover my inhaler that i feel is vital to my quality of life. and received a letter saying it is almost 400$ a month, I barely make 1000$ on disability. We have been doing our best to cover all of the costs, i have been looking to go back to work again even with my cancer, but i could risk losing my disability, or my cancer progressing while being employed and i have to go through the disability waiting period again. I feel very embarrassed asking for financial help but battling stage 4 cancer is hard enough, with our trailer requiring repairs, and the cost of daily living / medicine / bills, it's really taking a toll on us. Any donations received will go towards fixing our trailer and paying what we currently owe on it, cost of living, and any other medical expenses that are not covered. Do not feel obligated to donate but it will be very much appreciated. My brother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer June of 2020, the same month i was diagnosed two years later, and that has really taken a toll on my mental health. He is currently receiving chemotherapy on a two week basis. Thank you guys for listening to my story I appreciate it so much!!

- Proceed with pembrolizumab (400 mg / 6 week dosing)
- Repeat labs 3 weeks after dosing
- Return for labs, exam, and consideration of next cycle in 6 weeks; we will obtain repeat CT chest/abdomen/pelvis re-imaging at that time.
- Follow-up procedural management plan with Dr.

12/19/20 Wow!! 335$ in just a few days, you guys are so amazing and generous, thank you so much!! I had my immuno on Wednesday and I'm not feeling too hot. I've been pretty tired and having some stomach pains, can't poop either lol. Having some good ol' Miralax tonight in hope of relief, sorry if that is too much info! I'll give another update before Christmas!! <3

12/20/20 Holy COW! 500$ Donation from Young & Brave. Just wow i'm speechless, thank you so much. <3. I'm feeling a little bit better today, went to the bathroom a couple times finally but still really fatigued, and my stomach just doesn't feel right. Once again thank you so much!

12/22/20 Thank you so much Lisa for the 50$ donation, and Connie for the 100$ donation, god bless you it is much appreciated! <3 My stomach feels a lot better than it did the last few days, ad the fatigue is lifting finally. Thank you all and have a wonderful Christmas.

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