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How It Works

Contributions collected through our WARRIOR’s profile go directly to their fight against cancer. Life turns upside down in a instant, but the demands of the outside world don’t stop. Funds collected through a WARRIOR profile can be put to use for medical bills, transportation, day to day expenses, rent/ mortgages and anything else the family may need while facing the demands of cancer. We created YoungBrave.fund because we’ve lived the nightmare, for that reason 100% of all contributions are kept by our WARRIORS and their families.

Step One

Create Your Fundraising Campaign

Creating your profile is simple, transparent and the most effective way to start bringing awareness to you or a loved ones fight against cancer.

Step Two

Share with Family & Friends

Community is everything, provide your loved ones the perfect way to support your battle. Activating your sphere of influence will greatly help your cause, give “your” people a way show their love.

Step Three

Easily Accept Donations

The easiest and most fiscally responsible way to give or receive contributions.

Step Four

Update At Any Time

Update Your Profile  Keep family & friends updated with the latest vital information and a continuous way to give

This is simple and transparent. Not one penny is taken from any contribution made to any of our WARRIORS or families. We understand from experience that that every little bit helps when fighting cancer. We stand true to our 100% policy, no administration fees will ever be taken. Processing and credit card fees do apply and we’re consistently striving to reduce and eliminate those costs.

What's Included?

  • No deadlines or goal requirements
  • Keep every donation you recieve
  • No penalties for missing goals
  • Email support
  • Mobile friendly campaigns
  • YoungBrave.fund mobile app

Stripe Fees

  • Processing Fees
  • +
  • Credit Card Fees
  • =
  • Total

Paypal Fees

  • Total Credit Card Fee

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