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In the late spring of 2020 Charlotte got a lump on her scalp didn’t think anything of it for a while because it didn’t bother her. By July it was painful and we took her to the ER where they told us it was a cyst and drained it. By December it was back and growing much more rapidly. February 2021 it was about the size of a small lemon growing out of her scalp. Waiting on dr appointments and insurance was taking too long so we went back to the ER where they told us it was not a cyst it was vascular and a possible tumor and we needed to see a surgeon ASAP. A month later it was finally removed and sent off to testing where we got the news that it was cancer. EWING SARCOMA.

She is currently getting 5 different chemotherapies every other week.  3 chemos over a course of 2 days and then 2 other chemos over a course of 5 days.  We unfortunately spend about as much time at Childrens Hospital LA as we do at home. Radiation starts in the next few weeks that will take 6weeks at 5 days a week while simultaneously continuing cycles of chemo. We have still not figured out if Charlotte and Mom will just live in LA for 6 weeks or commute 1.5-2 hours each way every single day for the 6 weeks. Hopefully she will be done with chemo in January barring any delays in treatments.

Charlotte is the oldest of four daughters.  She is our little caregiver, always worried about and taking care of her siblings and others.  She is the sweetest kindest soul you will ever meet in your life. For having met her and spent time with her would make even the best people better, just by being around her. She stands up for what is right and has a strong since of right and wrong and making everyone feel equal no matter who they are or where they are in life.

Please follow along as we go through this tough time.  I will update here as well but I update daily on the attached instagram link.  Donations will go towards travel, food and bills to support our 6 person family.  Thank you all so much.

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