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Sweet Ford was diagnosed at 10 months young with Ewing Sarcoma, a bone cancer rarely found in infants. He had just begun to crawl at 9 months, and then all of a sudden he stopped using his legs and would lay on the floor crying in dire pain, mustering every effort to barely move. After daily calls and visits to the ER and pediatrician, Ford underwent emergency spinal surgery to partially remove a tumor that had been found in his spine. The surgery decompressed the pressure on his spine, and he regained mobility nearly immediately after. Unfortunately further scans showed the cancer was in two vertebrae, his peri-spinal region and a lesion in his lung. With an incredible team on his side, Ford started his first round of chemo within a few days post surgery.

Ford, a laid back, inquisitive, fierce little boy, handled this first round without even flinching. He remained in high spirits, charming all the hospital staff with his infectious smile and pumpkin teeth. He is fearlessly crawling, standing and chasing after his big brother and two cats while recovering at home before his next rounds of chemo, radiation, proton therapy and more surgery over the next year. Ford, a Leo in the zodiac signs, is already showcasing traits as a persevering leader. Like the lion of this sign, Ford is strong, brave and ready to dominate everything. This gentle soul has a colossal fire lit in him and he is ready to crush this speed bump!

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