AJ Hounshelll05/30/2006

Lubbock, TX

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AJ is a 13 year old young man in Lubbock, TX and is in the 7th grade. He was diagnosed on December 11, 2019 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. That diagnosis was further classified as "hypodiploid" - meaning the genetics of the leukemia make it more difficult to treat.  After 1 month of aggressive treatment, he technically entered "remission" as no leukemia was found in his blood or bone marrow.  However, the doctors know that unless treatment continues, the leukemia will return.  So, the journey to "maintenance" treatment is about 8 months and the whole journey is about 3 years.

A little about AJ: He attended Trinity Christian School until he was diagnosed and now is enrolled through the homebound program at Lubbock Cooper ISD.  He loves the Lord and everything Star Wars and was just starting to love football and track and field (especially throwing the discus). While this disease is a definite set back for AJ, he is determined to win this battle and re-join his friends at school next year!  He is incredibly blessed with friends and family that support him through this battle. He has a wonderful big sister, Ava, who is a freshman at Lubbock Cooper, and she has been extremely supportive and loving throughout this journey.  However, healthcare bills pile up very fast, and any time off to be with AJ means lost income.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

In case you are wondering, YES he still has his hair!  Despite all the chemo he has had thus far, it has only thinned out, but is still pretty thick.  His doctor recently commented that he "wins the most hair left at this point" award!

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